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In memory of my late mother & in discovery of a new self


Editorials & Still life

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I've always had a deep connection and love for nature and been grateful to how much peace it brings to me, I always learn so much from it and it gives us so much. it really does heal you and become your friend. 

Read more on how I incorporate nature into my conceptual photography journey and how it started and what I intend to do next ...




I came to understand the importance and beauty of the community that came along with being part of the creative arts industry but alongside the difficulties of them.

I became very aware of the importance of having people that are like minded and from the same industry really boosts you. The industry can become quite lonely and competitive, this then made me reach out to events and

#commonstruggle #photographycareer .... 

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Exploring body language 


Relationship within - The relationship with my mind. Expressed through the body language and rhythmic gesture

“I could feel your presence.”

A project based on how we associate things, sounds, feelings and more with a memory of things we experienced. Similarly, how we capture things through a camera to hold onto a moment and freeze that feeling, so that we can revisit. The mind reflects the similar behaviours to feel at peace and comfort. 

In progress ...

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