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Emily Ryall’s this week has come in to talk about her photographic practice. Emily is a photographer from Wakefield and is also a project coordinator in the Art House in Wakefield.

Her work reflects a genre of conceptual photography and covers the contexts and narratives of her memories in her hometown in Yorkshire and her experience of her chronic illness and female hysteria. She uses her surroundings, relatable objects, and body gestures to represent and symbolize the emotions challenged against agenda of showing one’s mental state. Emily had stated she wanted to challenge against the comments such as

“You don’t look ill, you look fine”

Throughout her image she had a range of self-portraits and portraits, that reflected things she had seen, heard, and happened during her life. Her well thought images reflected her process of choosing a significant place or a performed act of the emotions and narrative. Whilst she was talking about her work, I was inspired by her passion and responsibility she had taken in place to expand the creativity in her hometown with the local dark room. 

Emily suggested a few tips of how to get recognition and work professionally in the creative industry, such as, networking and getting as many opinions as possible on your work to find continuous development in subject of your work.  Networking is key, especially when creating your own personal work that isn’t commissioned or a commercial based photographer. Therefore, Emily had collaborated with Tide Press to feature work in a publication and this she could spread her work and also earn money for work. She continue to explore this subject and expanding it with the support of her collaborations with other creative practitioners. 

All information and images above – credited to Emily Ryall’s 

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