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Nikita Merchant is a Manchester-based photographer who has graduated from the University of Huddersfield in 2022 with a first-class honour in BA (Hons) in Photography. Nikita began to explore the art field through a variety of art forms and experimented through photography to express personal stories and emotions. She continues to explore and expand on conceptual, documentary and still photography. She enjoys creating presenting the beauty of the world and to create an absorbing experience for her viewers as an escapism, in order to also show how much we can learn from the things around us to get through life events. Her conceptual photography focuses on mental well-being contexts through artistic symbolism. 





To portray my emotions, I apply and create symbolic and poetic images. I like to experiment with body performance to represent my state of mind. I also enjoy using nature and landscapes to reflect on the space within my mind and to suggest an emotion on the certain atmosphere.
‘Resilience’ was a small project I was working on during Summer 2020, it was process of taking self-portraits to ground myself after many losses in my family and becoming comfortable again to leave the house after the pandemic. I use nature atmospheres and natural day light lighting to represent the glimpses of light that I was trying to let in and come to terms with all that had happened. I intend to continue to explore my mind journey of healing, and refreshing, retracing my steps in life again after feeling lost for so long.

Education & Experiences


Marketing and Social Media / MissModaLuxe  / July 2022 

consisting editing / deliveries / photographer / social media content

Graduate / 2019 - 2022 / University of Huddersfield BA (Hons) Photography 

University of Huddersfield

2021 - 2022 March - University of Huddersfield - Indian societies committee

member social media coordinator. 

Ashton Sixth form College - 2016-2018
A- Level Photography, Fine art, Media studies - 2018-2019

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