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An exhibition based on many images created during the pandemic how it helped bring a next level of understanding of ourselves and others. This exhibition was a strong example to how creative arts can create a community and bring a range of people together to see similarities and outline out individualities too.

A range of resources were presented at this exhibition such as a selection of images presented upon the wall. It was interesting to the different image and how they were presented such as this moonlight sky image and overlay of frames. The exhibition presentation of image took me by surprise and brought a perspective some things be just as simple and just as powerful depending on scale, framing and presentation.


Letters of children and many other ages of their experience during the pandemic reflected that although the time of the pandemic was difficult due to restrictions and covid 19, it had brought time for those to ground themselves with the basics and was eye opener upon the beautiful community.  Brought a perception and hope that more people, without the covid restriction will now continue to turn to creative activities for personal and social growth.  

The power of communication that photography hold is always shocking to me how a slight change in lighting, scale and many more element whether it is a photobook , print can impact upon someone. From this as a photography, I would like to take pride in the power of this tool to communicate important messages to the world.

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