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 “Have pride in your style and subject.” 

My practice has changes a lot throughout the years, however, have always brought a running theme of personal projects of exploring the people around and myself emotions, traditions, cultures, and lifestyles. Raising many issues, however at the start of my A-level and under-graduate studies, had focused on my long-term illness of mental health.

First exploring the abstract elements of image and using representations to symbolize the emotional states of the mind and …

This led me on to expressing my anxiety and depression experience. leading onto a series of exploring a hope journey out of the illness. In hope to explore and express my story it will ease and encourage people to express and maybe learn mental health strategies an activity. turning to nature wellbeing practises and creative activity has always been something I can turn to support and strengthen my mental will be.


Alongside I would love to continue with the exploration of healing and collaborate with health professionals on Phototherapy and therapeutic photography. Identifying how I can incorporate poetry book making and installation arts in the future.

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