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A           PART OF ME. 

Still with me. A     part of me. Is play on words based on bereavements through my family I had experiences during 2018 to 2020 and journey of accepting myself and reframing what I saw at the time as my flaws, which turned out to be completely normal human reaction, and I carried less shame.

The first time I experienced exposure to the acceptance and knowledge of mental health I hadn’t realised the importance speaking about out mental wellbeing and began when I joined a mental health society in University of Huddersfield. I had listened to stories of the committee’s experiences, their stories have uplifted me to sit with my thoughts, befriending my mind, and face my past, this required me to have a practice of resilience, patience, strength to embrace my emotions. A recurring question appeared during this journey; What if scars and traumas were worn with pride instead of carrying them with shame? What about embracing the inner child to allow growth and acceptance?

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