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After visiting the ‘Through our lens: Our world’ exhibition, a range of photobook and prints were presented outside exhibition hall for show and purchase. I think a gallery is a great way to get your work out there and get contacts. I am currently producing a photobook for my final year show, seeing physical copies of photobook's helped to get an insight on my intension and knowledge on what types binds there for book and materials.

Few of the books that stood out for were these, show in the images below:


Sonia last portrait and interesting way to present your images are not only in a book. This particular had include a box with signatures, small sections un bonded and delicate pieces of text statements and images. this is reflected and enhanced the context and raised questions to create an engagement and make the viewer witness a different experience than usual book and expecting to turn and turn a page. It’s the interactivity that created the experience and the engagement of the object.


Next Fleur Olby beautiful binding and subtly created with such dark image inspired my work. As dark images can tend to create a strong and overwhelming contrast however using different paper stocks, colours and printing techniques can change this.

Simplistic intrigues the view more to want to engage the book up and see what is inside/ also had a secondary booklet adding a level of interactivity and personalisation to the book.

I have noticed that there are so many ways in which you can make a photobook stand out and its endless creativity had raised my interest in book making.


To read more about photobooks I speak about this on;

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