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Matt Johnson lecturer, researcher and creator of a book club had come to visit my university for a workshop to share his insight on interesting tips on how to sell and make photo books. Whilst talking about his knowledge on photobook he handed out a booklet which consisted of information about how to critically analyse the elements of a photo book and how it can become successful in its own genre.

Matt had distribute a booklet to the student which included diagrams of ways in which one structure a book. The book also included questions that one can question to themselves and others when developing on their photo book.

Next, I and rest of my peers had reviewed on the photobook examples Matt brought in for us. Matt had asked us to estimate the price and reasoning of the price and location of the photobook which allowed us to gain knowledge on its significance. A lot of the books had varies in its price due its materiality, packaging, and its finish. After we shocked about the variety of prices matt had advised that purely relying on photo bookmaking for a career is difficult won't financially support us there having side commissioned jobs are helpful for both experience and financially.  

After looking at these examples we had also showed our own photo books to Matt he shared his feedback on how we can refine. This positively impacted upon my current final year project, which will be a photo book and I am hoping to achieve a professional level of refinement to publish my photobook.

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