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Over past three years, I have gained my interest in the books in the making through the form of photobook and zine.

Things to do consider when creating a photobook and zine:

  • What are styles of content in the book, will you determine the way you present you work?

Contemporary, fashion, informal?

  • What is your main goal foe the viewers to gain?

Show casing technicality of your work

Things that can help when creating

  • Considering material

The weight can change the viewer turns the pages whether that is flipping through the pages quickly or delicately turning the pages. Another judgment and element to think about when choosing a material is if it is complimenting the print of your images. Lastly the material of the paper can allow the viewers to understand who the work is for and what type of genre and style is communicating, Commercial or artistic side.

The similar significance of chooses to apply to the following elements. Choosing the correct element can really enhance the way that book and work is engaged with, and the experience is creates.

  • Size

  • Weight of overall book and pages

  • Binding

  • Cover finish

  • Gloss / matte

  • Texture

  • Sleeve

  • Cover/ packaging of the book

  • Flat plan

  • Issuu – A place to digitally publish the photobook, good for previews


When creating a photobook:

Using platforms such as pupils’ sphere, Splash and grab, Loose Joints and many can help you get started with publishing your work. Alongside using social media platforms, your website to network and engage the correct audience for your work.

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