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Rachel Louise Brown a photographer and Photo Director at Harper Bazaar magazine, had come to run a workshop of taking paper negative photographs and the history behind the camera development of over the years.


In Rachel's current project she is also working with paper negative.Rachel's photographs usually evolve around the subject of fear and self-portrayal in different situations and locations and how people tend to put a character or form of mask to hide themselves when exposed in a photograph.

Rachel continues to build on this subject on putting a performance by experimenting with self-portraits of her with using paper negatives. During this workshop, the student and myself learned how to use a large/ medium format camera and its history to how the cameras have evolved. Using large/ medium format camera to create self-portraits / portraits created an unusual Alongside the experience of the process of photo making was quite different. The experience of creating paper negative images allowed a playful and enjoyable experience.

I acknowledged the importance of the process of how u take the image can change the composure of emotions before pressing the capture button on the camera. This created a whole new experience and portrayal in the way you or the personal / object portrayed in the images as when taking the image, we had to stay very still for two second

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