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My university had the pleasure to have a talk by photographer Amak Mahmoodian, who created images alongside poetry and installation arts based upon the identity of Irani females and her own journey and her experience as Persian female.Amak Mahmoodian first project was named ‘Shenasnameh’, this explored the lifestyles she and others lived and difference in things like showing your identity of Iran citizen had to provide a fingerprint instead of a picture or a signature due to the system rules and issues in the war. This project reflected into a photobook, which was presented in a diary and passport form.

Amak studies had her to explore the identity similarities instead of the rather how different all female around her were. As most females in her country wear a headscarf, they had looked similar, she took interest into what make they identify them as individual.

This led her onto another project named ‘Gare’ as known as ‘Knot’. She took pictures of several Irani females wearing scarf and how they wore them. The detail of the colour of the scarf, the way they tied it reflected a part of their emotion, feelings, and their identity. After the loss of Amak’s father she was unable to visit him at the time due to travelling restriction of the …

Amak continues to explore more projects such as this recent one called ‘Zanjir’ originally names the ‘mask’ which explored the history of female’s and people with double identities in her hometown. She studied behind people hiding behind their, as image here on the right explored an expectation of images covering their face.

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