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I had the pleasure of having portfolio review with Megan Mechelle Dalton. I had displayed my website and current status of my final outcome intentions' to what I was doing for the finally major project. Megan and I had discussed that the styles of my images had reflected a genre of conceptual images and range of personal projects. She suggested that keeping the layout of website as simple and easy to follow through would create a stronger impact. She suggests I add more a more decrease the amount of image I include and one showcase the best ones. Alongside aligning all the text and images so that the pages look professional and clean. I gained insight on the creative industry having this conversation with Megan and her approach to how she approached different scenarios when she had to take to reach to the position she is now. This was through networking, competition, improving quality of work and presentation, lastly the way we verbally talk about our work.


Myself and Megan also discussed my idea for my final year exhibition, at this porin I was presenting an A0 print of my fabric piece. Megan suggested I can frame the fabric without the glass with eyelets, have a fan blowing the fabric and suggested the text fabric.

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