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Loose joints are a company in France ran by Lewis Chaplin and his wife Sarah. They help with photobooks to be published in their shop. This started with Lewis’s first interest and interaction of making his first photobook named 'You make me feel mighty’, at this point he had little knowledge on the making of books, however, was keen to learn more and create more. This led him on to working on a project with his friend Alex to create more photobook which included collaborations of other artist’s input. This allowed the view too publish books of himself and then went on to working other people and artists. Lewis suggested that creativity that can be out into a photobook can never ending and expand so much more interpretation and impacts of one subject and object.


As he exampled many diverse photobooks and range of designs of the presentations.​ A few examples that stood out to me for different reasons were, This contains tips of the key tips that he suggested can help a lot when publishing and creating a photobook:

  • The context connection to the photobook presentation, layout of images. external and internal presentations

  • Material

  • The idea that empty pages are just as important as the pages with

  • Book can long lasting person object

  • Depending on the way the book is made, does it look like something that wants to be looked quickly or slow process of looking at the book. 

  • Dates in books, and material names and contact details 

  • How to bring the experience out of the piece 

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