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During creating my website, I had been inspired by few photographers’ website and by the design layouts on squarespace and Different layouts that I had witnessed reflected in different ways to match the work they create.

  • Rachel browns website

  • Thomas Duffield

  • Federica 

  • Emily Ryalls 

  • Megan Mechelle Dalton 

Best platforms to create a website

  • Cargo

  • Square Space

  • WIX

Tips on when making a website as a photographer or in the creativity industry to showcase you work -

  • People are looking for a quick browse therefore might now read or want flick through a lot

  • Having different pages might help to avoid the viewers from getting bored and click off, variety

  • High quality and professionalism

  • Having consistency

  • Genre of work can create a whole new experience depending on how your present it on the website page

  • To help it should

  • Easily accessible to return to different pages

  • Content sizing

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