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Studies in Milan local photography to a lot of wedding photography, however she wanted to create projects based on. She worked as a commercial and editorial photography in Italy, she discussed the experience of practice and how she dealt with the ups and downs of her work opportunities. Carlotta specifically speaks upon the difficulties that do occur during building your own body of work and finding commission in the industry.

Carlotta first discussed her earliest work based in Buenos Aires, this project was about the factories, and they went bankrupt on the people there had struggles of working in these areas to with earning money and their lifestyles. Carlotta had captured people who were at disadvantage by presenting them as awareness of their lifestyles. However, she also applies that it is just as important to have the normal day to day things the public have in similar making them look as normal. They are human. Even if they have struggles, an effective way to resemble with them.

In between her projects she had experimented with the different jobs such as the ‘Mexico City’ project and photographing people for the magazines. Although this wasn’t her area of interest it helped her strengthen her portfolio of image, experience level and recognition. After the pandemic she became aware that especially in her career, that are based on travelling and seeing people it can be difficult to continue to publish and create work. This where the extra commissions and jobs that allowed recognitions had allowed her to branch out to other options when she needed a project to earn money.

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