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During my final year studies in university on photography I have been given the opportunity to take part in being in the final year exhibition catalogue. This includes a group of my peers and myself being assigned different roles and contribution to raise £3000, So that we can showcase our work in a catalogue which will feature our work and some information about our work and maybe contact details. This will be displayed in my exhibition, join my exhibition there will be a range of people that will visit such as photographic practitioner’s creative industry workers the public. Therefore, if they view my work in this catalogue, they can see the level of professionalism and recognition of my work to then hopefully they will get in touch with me with commissioned jobs or inquiries.

Alongside raising the money, it allows me and my peers to gain skills like confidence, teamwork, financing, an organisation skill of events and public speaking. I have contributed into asking my family and friends to donate money to our go fund me page, also by sharing it on online platforms. I have also supported the bake sale that was organised to raise money. alongside printing some of my work for the print sale, this will both bring my work recognition and give me a better understanding on how to publish my work and how to earn money.

Please feel free to contribute some money for our exhibition and our catalogue to support us young practitioners and helping us spread awareness to be coming professional and successful photography in the future!

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