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I had a portfolio review tih photographer Emily Ryall’s. I presented my on going development final project work. We first discussed and reviewed my photobook, she commented my photobook is presented very well and there clear understanding to why I have made certain choices in the book. Such as, the use of blank pages to create empty space, the light pieces of text and size of the image seemed delicate and personal. Emily and I had that reviews on 

I had also discussed my intentions of my final major project and what I will be submitting. Emily has worked with expressing her emotions and experience of human behaviour, which resembles with the way I worked and processed my ideas and emotions of my images. After showing her my photobook, she complimented my sequencing and said it is good that I kept it powerful but simplistic. The poems have a heaviness but look light. I could play around with visual of this imagery and text to challenge the viewers. I also showed my a A0 ink get and fabric experiment , she suggested way that I can bring the project and images location to life. 

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