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After each month there is a photograph of the month which holds a competition of the members, allowing them to submit their photographs and one will win photograph of the month. during this experience of submitting their work they will also be given feedback on their work. Even if you don't win the competition, you get your feedback and you gain a recognition from the judges this also gained your knowledge and confidence in working in the professional field.

Some of the members photography represented onto the wall in frames professionally, this allows the practitioners to gain recognition for their work and also purchase their work. This is a great way to communicate and distribute your work to a range of viewers. I also noticed that the images on the wall were open to purchase which is a great way to financially support your work, Is it going to be difficult to present your work when having personal projects or not being part of a magazines etc.

On their website includes a range of insightful, if you visit to get in touch and get involved if you from ashton or Lancashire. This is great way to get involved, build activity and skills whilst having fun during your career.

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